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About Us
About Us
Hi! We're Fitly Functional. Order and Esthetics is our game.
Meet the Founder
Jessica Bianchi
Born out of the desire for more functional organization in her own life, Jessica Bianchi’s fascination with home organization blossomed and grew as she developed her skills in these areas.

As this natural inclination coupled with her desire to better people’s lives, the idea to start a home organization and design company began to take root.

Years in the service and hospitality industries led to a studied exposure in functionality and efficiency, and an awareness of the need for tailored and functional organization. A new approach began to take shape, and the Fitly-Functional method was developed.
Who We Are
At Fitly Functional, we’re on a mission to tailor your living spaces to fit you and your lifestyle. We seek to provide you with a clean, tidy, and beautiful home that will be a place of refreshment and retreat. We’re in the market of peace and ease.

We understand that as life changes, so do our functional needs and style preferences. We help your space to evolve with and adapt to you. We live to deliver that “Oh, wow!” moment. So, whether you want to fall in love with your house all over again, or just need a quick reset, we’re there for you.
What We Do
As a full service company, offering comprehensive packages in cleaning, organization, and design, we provide whatever you need.

We believe organization is the foundation for a functional home, and its style differs for each individual. A well-ordered space should serve you, helping you to operate at your best. It should fit like a well-tailored suit, comfortable, pleasing, unfussy. That’s the fitly-functional way.

Our cleaning and tidying services help you to maintain the order and the freshness of your space. We’ll work with you to devise a plan to meet your specific needs, either of regular services or on occasion.

When it comes to interior design, we understand that “orderly” isn’t the only design aesthetic. Our approach is to elevate your personal style to the front of each space, while maintaining the functionality that you need.

By operating with a view toward interior design and functional home organizing, we offer full space transformations, not just surface changes. With us, you can really have your cake and eat it too!

Where order meets design, The Fitly Functional Way™ is a pattern of thought, a method for efficiency. It’s functionality fitted to you.

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