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Drawer Dividers

There are all kinds of solutions out there to solve your chaotic drawer problems!

Does it drive you crazy when your socks get mixed up with your underwear, when your belts wind around your scarves? What about when there is only one sock of three different pairs? Sometimes it seems like after we’ve folded them and put all of one kind in one designated spot, we close the drawer and leave and then come back to find that they have partied themselves into a tangle while we’re gone!

Don’t worry; it’s not you! It’s just what happens with life! You know how your knives and forks and other kitchen stuff all stay in the same place you put them until you open the draw again? It’s because you and everybody else on the planet has a cutlery drawer! That drawer with its little dividers makes it possible for everybody to stay in their designated place! Maybe it’s time to get dividers for your other drawers.
Drawer dividers come in all kinds. They can serve as partitions to keep your items separated from one another so they stay in one place and are easier to find. You can use them to divide your bedroom, bathroom, closet, office, kitchen and any other drawers into sections. Amazon has plastic and bamboo drawer dividers. Oxo has expandable drawer dividers, Dial Industries has adjustable, spring-loaded dividers. Lowe’s and Ikea have trays divided into compartments that can be placed into your drawers and then the items fitted into the already existing compartments. There are all kinds of solutions out there to solve your chaotic drawer problems. Or, if you don’t want to do the measuring and fitting and choosing yourself, you can call us to do it for you! We can do the work to find the perfect organizers and fit them into your drawers beautifully so that when you open a drawer to find something, you know exactly and precisely where it is going to be!


Phyllis L. Maddox,
Contributing Writer

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