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Files, or Dealing with the Paperwork in your Life

Maybe you have desk drawers or a two-drawer filing cabinet that hold files, each labeled with items it contains: bills, receipts, taxes, bank statements, budget, vacation, health.

I know everybody does almost everything online nowadays, but all of that paper that comes into the house that needs to go somewhere can be separated and files made for it. Paper backs up quickly and clutters the place if you let it; I love the peace it gives me to make files so I’ll have places to put it all into. If you have a family, you might need separate files for each person.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite things to do after I go out to my mailbox is to come back in and stand by the recyclable paper container I have handy and sort my mail on the spot. If you’re like me, a lot of it is junk, unwanted, unneeded, and to be thrown away unopened. So I stand right beside the trash can or waste paper basket and put everything I don’t want in there right away. I think the old military term is to “deep six it” or put it into “file thirteen.” It gives me pleasure to think of it in those terms. You didn’t want it, you didn’t need it, but it showed up anyway, so you just rapidly get rid of it and avoid clutter and annoyance as quickly as possible.
What is left in your mail and the other paperwork that is just a part of life is what you get when you go to the bank, grocery store, hairdresser, the movies or a show, to buy plane tickets, and on and on. The paperwork that is a part of life. Without files to divide it up into, I don’t know what I’d do. I would be wading through a morass of paper as soon as I entered my front door.

A small two-drawer filing cabinet suited with hanging files, colorful file folders labeled so that you can organize them alphabetically according to subject or any other way you might choose to do it can make life so much more peaceful. A place for everything and everything in its place, including paper!


Phyllis L. Maddox
Contributing Writer

A place for everything and everything in its place, including paper!

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