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The Genius of Utensil Holders

Utensil holder is a pretty generic term, but that’s because you get to choose from any number of utensils you can put into that holder or what you can use as a holder. If we start looking at the kitchen, we may never get out of there because there are so many utensil holders there.

If there weren’t, where would you keep all your stuff? On the ledge beside my sink faucets, I have a cute ceramic frog my Mother gave me, sitting there with his mouth wide open so he can hold my nylon pot scrubber. It’s a convenient place to keep it.

Also in my kitchen I have a decorative vase-like container that holds wooden spoons and other wooden cooking implements. It’s a handy way to store and choose from utensils when you need a specific one. I have seen wooden, metal, plastic, ceramic, and glass utensil holders for kitchen use. Who could live without a cutlery tray? Or two? Imagine having to sort through all of your forks, knives, and spoons every time you set the table or need just one of them.
In my office on my desk I have a plastic pen and pencil holder, a red plastic apple-filled paper clip holder (the top lifts off), and a plastic half apple rubber band tray. Any of these could also be glass except that I also have a cat who loves to stroll around in forbidden places when I’m not there.

If you like something different, why not consider a belt or tie rack to hold utensils? With the separate hooks in a belt rack for each item, you could hang keys, or grilling forks and spatulas, kitchen stirrers and whisks, anything that might fit. A tie or belt rack could be perfect for keeping some of your jewelry straight. You know how chains seem to wind around each other when they’re in the dark not being used? Having all of those handy and separate hooks to allow each necklace to shine and dangle all by itself can make your jewelry selections easier. Belt and tie racks are more versatile than you might at first think. You are only limited by your imagination, or ours!


Phyllis L Maddox,
Contributing Writer

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