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Who We Are

Fitly Functional is a premier cleaning, organization, and design company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We tailor living spaces to fit you and your lifestyle, delivering that feeling of peace and ease that comes from a clean, tidy, and beautiful home.


Organization is the foundation for a functional home. A well-ordered space should serve you, helping you to operate at your best. It should fit like a well-tailored suit, comfortable, pleasing, unfussy. That’s the fitly-functional way.

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We understand life gets busy. We provide those extra sets of hands and the leadership directive to tackle your big or small home projects. We do the grunt work so you don’t have to.

What We Do

We live to deliver that “oh, wow!” moment.

As a full service company, offering comprehensive packages in cleaning, organization, and design, we provide whatever your home needs.

Our services range from regular cleaning and area specific organization to full space transformations. As a full service company, we blend the best of interior design, with the strategic organization you need, and we help you maintain the order long term. We really do it all!

We believe there’s “a place for everything and a purpose for every space.” ™

Bringing sustainable beauty and functionality to your spaces.

Your home is a reflection of you. It can be a haven—a place of refreshment and retreat. Check out some of our resources.

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Closets -- Categorizing Clothes & Shoes - Seriously!
By Jessica Bianchi

Want more? Follow along for consistent inspiration. See our portfolio for photos of the Fitly Functional method in action. Don’t forget to check out our social media channels and Discover page for additional content.

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[fəŋ(k)-shən] noun
The action for which a thing is specially fitted
The action for which a thing is specially fitted