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Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are marvelous tools for making the best use of your space. Whoever came up with the idea was looking for a way use the space between the spaces. Let me explain.

You open a cabinet door and in front of you are three shelves: a bottom shelf, then a middle shelf that is maybe eight or ten inches above the bottom shelf and then the top one twelve inches above the middle shelf. You deal with those same kinds of height differences when you put things in your refrigerator door: the tallest things go on the middle shelf, the shortest ones on the top, etc. Now, somebody somewhere looked at all that empty space (we’re back looking at the cabinet shelves now) and realized that it’s possible to put mini-shelves at strategic locations so that you can stack stuff in between shelves.
Maybe we should move out of the kitchen cabinets and into the laundry room. You know all that space over the tops of the washer and dryer, going all the way up to the ceiling ten or twelve feet up? Look at all that empty space! Wouldn’t it be great to think of a way to use it? Shelves and risers can go in all kinds of unusual places, even corners, to make better use of the space that is hidden in plain sight. Have some metal or plastic shelves installed on your laundry room walls, and since items to be shelved come in all different sizes and heights, right there you have reasons for risers, which will even up your space.

There is no end to the amazing products you can find out there to help you be your organizing best! Ask us if you need ideas or help.


Phyllis L. Maddox,
Contributing Writer

Shelf risers are marvelous tools for making the best use of your space.

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