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Your Command Center

Don’t you like that phrase “command center?” Clearly, your command center is a place where you’re in charge, you’re in control, you make things happen. We like the idea of having what you need when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it. This is having what you use most often out in your working space, your command center.

A great example of this for most adults is your desk. Normally you have your PC or laptop front and center, right in front of your comfortable chair, mouse to your right (or left) if you use one, printer with ink and paper, pencils and pens, paper clips in their little holders, staplers on the desk further away; you get the idea. What you need close is close, and everything else is as far away as you need it to be.

When my kids were growing up, I found a bulletin board to be essential as my home command center. With a cork bulletin board and a few colorful pins kept stuck in a designated corner of the board for handy use, I could quickly pin up notices of scout meetings or soccer games and parent lists, school parties, church bazaars. When events passed, I’d take them down, keeping most important upcoming events front and center. My goal was for everyone to look at the board when they came home to find reminders or important notes so we all kept on track.

Clearly, your command center is a place where you’re in charge, you’re in control, you make things happen!

A whiteboard calendar is a great tool for keeping track of what’s important, with magnetic dry erase markers clipped to the front of the board for easy access so that dates can be marked and highlighted for upcoming events. Urgent notes to family members stand out on a whiteboard: “Do your homework before you go out back to play with Julio!” Even with everybody using technology these days, a board with important messages and events listed is paramount in a family.

Shelves or hooks or other holders of various kinds can be mounted around that message board for important tools. I found when I was living away from home the first time – in a college dorm – that one of the most important things in my command center was a place for keys. If you can’t get in and out, there’s not much else you can do, is there? Since then, whenever I move someplace new or even visit for a while, the first thing I do is find a home for my keys.
In your bathroom, your command center is obvious. The organization is designed by you so that you can get your toilette completed quickly in the morning and soon be out the door, from brushing your teeth to getting that makeup on asap. In the kitchen you have a command center because getting the family fed and everything cleaned up three times a day needs to be enjoyable and efficient.

Tools to help build and organize your command centers are available and so is the help if you need it. We have ideas when you need them and the experienced staff to get the work done. Check out our cleaning, organizing, and design plans.

Phyllis L. Maddox,
Contributing Writer

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